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Atlanta, MI
(989) 785-3334

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11445 M-32 West
Atlanta, MI 49709


Phone: (989) 785-3334
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Main Office:

11445 M-32 West
Atlanta, MI 49709
  • Policies

    The Montmorency County Road Commission has established policies for many of its services, including Dust Control, and Hauling Debris.
    Also see here for information of the replacement of mailboxes that have been damaged by county snow plow trucks.
    Information on various road commission policies. Read More
  • Snowplowing

    We receive, on the average, 100 inches of snow in a winter. This snow, compounded by the drifting that we get, makes a job out of keeping roads open all winter.
    Generally, we don't like to work over eight to ten hours as it is more dangerous plowing at night, and we want our snow plow drivers rested for the next morning.
    Montmorency County receives, on the average, 100 inches of snow in a winter. Read More
  • Permits

    The Montmorency County Road Commission issues permits which are required to install a driveway, erect a sign, install a pipeline, put in a utility line.
    Also see here for permits to move an overweight or overwidth load on the right-of-way.
    Click here for permit information. Read More
  • Frost Laws

    Every year around February or March, we get some warm weather, and the frost starts coming out of the ground.
    As it comes out, it leaves soft spots in the ground. These can occur under the pavement and lead to the creation of potholes.
    Information on Montmorency County Frost Laws. Read More
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Weight Restrictions Begin March 18:

Weight restrictions will go into effect on all roads under the jurisdiction of the Montmorency County Road Commission on March 18, 2019, at 7:00 a.m. More information is available here.